Music and movement experiences
Powerful tools to enhance children's overall development

Exploring the language of music in motion

We create  musical experiences for young children, implementing a natural and intuitive approach to learning music through movement. We explore to follow the beat with the body while synchronizing the movements with words and sounds.


Sharing a collective experience

Our program is presented as an informal performance in which each child plays an important role as s/he engages in the learning process. We encourage working with peers to promote interaction, sharing time and space together.

Listening to original music

Our music includes diverse and contemporary rhythms while maintaining an elementary structure. Their simplicity and rhythms also encourage children to dance and move with ease.


Manipulating instruments & accessoires

We work with small percussion instruments and pedagogical tools that  foster dexterity, coordination and imagination.

Integrating Brain Gym® benefits

We include Brain Gym®exercises with accompaniment music and a story line which promote concentration and relaxation. This primes their brains and bodies for an optimal learning experience.

Offering a high quality service to your children

Our programs are thoughfully created for use in CPEs and Daycares. In fact, our activities are a perfect complement to educational programs for Childcare Services and provide added value for the overall development of  young children.

A head start in all kids learning

The sooner music is incorporated into children's learning, the better! The first years of life are a particularly sensitive period for the development of the brain.

In fact, when children discover their inner rhythm and are able to synchronize it with musical rhythms, it boosts their overall  development confidence and facilitates learning.

Our musical online program!

Go ahead and click on Toutoui to explore our program designed to promote young children's development with fun-filled activities.  Here everyone finds a sense of belonging as they improve and grow.


Our goal is to positively impact children's quality of life and awareness of society through music education. We provide a variety of programs and use pedagogical and artistic materials as well as props which teach children about music and the many joys it offers.

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