Music created for children!


We compose our music and create our activities in order to offer a unique learning experience filled with fun, movement, singing, and dancing. We also aim to provide children with the opportunity to recognize themselves in a diverse world.
What better way to build bridges than through music?
Dive into this universe that is also beneficial and enjoyable for you!

These 12 songs composed with a variety of rhythmic and cultural influences inspire us to dance and celebrate life! 


Author & Composer: Jhon Henao

Singer: Christina Bélice
Sings in Do Re Mi Sara Luz Gagné
Young voices: Candela del Mar & Luciano Henao
Basse: Jairo Gomez
ArtJuan Camilo Palacio

Published in April 2021

Included are 14 songs from our program available on the Toutoui platform. Participants enter a world of imagination and fun where they encounter elements of nature such as leaves and rain as well as fantastical characters like giants. The activities are performed to a variety of contemporary electroacoustic music selections.


Author & Composer: Jhon Henao
Singer : Christina Bélice

Basse: Jairo Gomez
Art: Carolina Bernal

Published in November 2021

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