A passionated and creative team

Motivated by the desire to use their talents to contribute to a better world, our team members weave together a wide variety of skills to bring our unique program to life   We promote childrens' development with our special mix of diverse musical influences, high quality pedagogy, and creativity, all unified with an emphasis on lots of movement.

This is our interdisciplinary team:

  • Juliana


Juliana Velez

Juliana has a bachelor of Law, a Masters degree in Intellectual Property, and a M.Sc. in Environment and Sustainable Development. Passionate about sport since a young age, she also loves dancing. Mother of two children, she manages Musicalité and strives to maximize the benefits of movement on children's development. She is certified in BrainGym® 101, certified in RMT®1, 2 & 3. She attended a training in Introduction to actif learning in HighScope methodology with Mary Asgari. She also has completed training courses by Tamara Chubarosky in language, learning and development.

  • Jhon


Jhon Henao

Jhon has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and AEC in Animation and Special Effects.He is an artistic producer, composer, and children's music educator for more than 30 years. John's expertise lies in training music ensembles and composing music and activities for children of all ages. He creates the music, the program and the Musicalité pedagogy. Jhon is also certified in ORFF 1 & 2 and an active member of Dalcroze Canada, were he has attended multiple courses. Certified in BrainGym® 101.He attended a training in Introduction active learning in HighScope methdology with Mary Asgari.
  • Christina


Christina Belice

Christina is a Montréal-based guitarist, vocalist, composer, arranger, and band leader of Haitian origin. She has participated in several festivals with her duo Bel and Quinn, which won 9 awards at the Vue sur la relève festival. She is currently working on a full-length album to follow up on her 2021 EP début Fanm Nan Dife.
  • Johanne

    French Reviser

Johanne Viel

Johanne is an editor, author, and content creator. She holds a Master's degree in Literature and has also pursued pedagogical training. She is passionate about language, teaching, and communications
  • Erin

    Musician/English Translator

Erin Smith

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Erin developed a love of music, languages, and culture early in life through her experiences travelling and living abroad before settling in Montréal. She is a freelance musician (saxophone, clarinet, and flute) who combines her knowledge of diverse musical styles and languages to help make our songs available to a wider audience. She also translates our website and instructional content into English.
  • Carolina

    Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Carolina Bernal

Originally from Medellin Columbia, Carolina is a graphic artist and illustrator who devotes herself to projects related to the arts and education. Her love of music and animals make her particularly well-suited to bring our project to life through images. www.carolitabernal.com

Our cherished collaborators play a vital in helping us to make our vision for this program a reality!

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