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Musical experience

We make sure to maintain a safe space during the learning process by using repetition and keeping the lesson structure consistent throughout the session. In essence, a Musicalité class looks like the illustration above.Our primary objective is not only to teach music but to enrich the overall development of children through the vehicle of music. Our music program helps to nurture all aspects of intelligence including musical, kinesthetic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, moral, social and linguistic.


30 minutes of musical activities per group

 2 hours of music per week (minimum)

 For children from 10 months to 5 years old

 Percussion instruments and diverse pedagogical tools

Packages per session of 12 weeks or more

New program and activities for each season

 Bilingual program

Our Philosophy

• Musical concepts are not intellectualized but explored through the body

• Rhythmic and synchronization are at the core of our program

• Our courses are conceived as an informal performance which captivates the children’s attention

• The music is original or or appropriately re-arranged

• Children guide and inspire our programming



Our pedagogy is the result of more than 30 years of experience in music education combined with another musical pedagogical methods such as Orff and Dalcroze. Over the past nine years,  we have developed an effective teaching method which positively impacts the development of motor skills, language, listening and concentration. Our musical program is unique, rich, and personalized. We are constantly striving to evolve and improve as we build upon our experience!


Benefits of our program 

These are some of the positive impacts noticed by the teachers and directors of the CPEs and daycare centers which implement our music program (Survey 2019):

With our program, more than half of CPEs and daycares notice an improvement among children in their language acquisition. For example, the children follow oral patterns more easily and sing better.

Concentration and Discipline 
The more children are actively and physically engaged in the learning process, the more attentive and focused they are on performing suggested activities. Children take great pleasure in performing and exercising with a specific goal. More than 50% see positive changes in children's behaviour.

Coordination and Motor Skills
With our program, teachers have noticed an improvement in children's lateral movements and balance as well as their ability to reproduce sequences in space.

Ability to Listen
Singing together promotes comprehension and improves a sense of group cohesion.

Aceptance of Diversity
Our activities in French, English and Spanish serve to raise awareness of the diversity of cultures in this country. Our funny accents make the children (and teachers) laugh.

Rhythmic Awareness 
he children begin by sustaining the pulse, following rhythms naturally, and learning when to stop.

Love of Music
The children wait impatiently for the day of their music class. During the week they spontaneously sing the program's songs.

Consciousness and Confidence
With the relaxation activities and the Braingym program, the children close their eyes easily, remain silent, and are able to focus on their breathing.

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