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We propose an enriched Brain Gym® activity animated through a story. Each group of movements is accompanied by a specific musical piece that helps guide the little ones. This method allows them to enjoy the experience of movement in a playful atmosphere. Furthermore, the children work on other skills like listening, pulse, and awareness of rhythmic changes in addition to the benefits of the Brain Gym practice.



music and movement



The BrainGym® exercises are a series of 26 movements. The activities evoke the movements naturally executed during the first years of life when learning to coordinate the eyes, ears, hands, and the whole body. These movements were developed along with the program "Learning Through Movement" by Paul E. Dennison et Gail E. Dennison. Their work is dedicated to correlating movement, cognition and applied learning.

PACE (Positive, Active, Clear & Energetic) exercises, a segment of the BrainGym movements, are usually done to effectively prepare the children for new learning.

musique et mouvement

PACE the astronauts

Children are getting dressed for a space voyage adventure. Once they're done, they start chasing stars of all colours. Finally, they hold the brightest start between their hands: the one full of light that will fill their hearts with grace.

Music & concept by John Henao (Musicalité)


musique et mouvement