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A musical program in movement!

We create interactive musical experiences for young children -0 to 7- and for Seniors. We provide a natural and organic approach to learning music through movement while synchronizing it with words and sounds.

We offer music classes and programs that take place in a positive atmosphere of small performances where each child is the main character. Our approach brings out the creativity, participation, and expressiveness of the little ones. 


In this collective musical experience, we ensure to uphold a safe space during the children's learning process by using repetition and consistency of the lesson structure throughout the session. We work with little percussion instruments and pedagogical elements that will foster their coordination, motor skills and imagination. 

Our music, created by our Production team has contemporary and diverse rhythms and at the same time, an elementary structure. The main goal of our songs is to be easily understood and assimilated by the children. 

Additionally, we integrate BrainGym® movements into our program to improve concentration and lead children to optimal learning.


The sooner music is incorporated into children’s learning, the better! We believe it's never too early to offer children tools for their development.

In fact, when children learn how to discover their own rhythm and how to synchronize it with musical rhythms, that will improve their confidence, their overall development and their ability to succeed at school.

Learning music as a full body experience allows them to develop the ability to be in tune with the rhythms of music and life. Furthermore, what they learn with the body, they will keep it forever!


Our goal is to make a positive impact on children's quality of life and society through music education. We provide a variety of programs using pedagogical and artistic materials as well as props that teach children about music and the many joys it offers.

Ready for a musical experience ?