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Artistic producer, composer, and children's music educator for more than 25 years, John's expertise lies in training music ensembles and composing music and activities for children of all ages. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and DEC in Animation and Special Effects. He is also certified in ORFF 1 & 2. and  an active member of Dalcroze Canada. Certified in BrainGym® 101, John creates the music, the program and the Musicalité pedagogy. His sits on the Executive Board of Orff Quebec (2019-2021)


Juliana's expertise lies in managing cultural and environmental projects. She has a Bachelor of Law, a Masters degree in Intellectual Property, and a M.Sc. in Environment and Sustainable Development. Juliana believes in the fundamental role of education and music as a means of transforming societies. Passionate about Softball and dance and the mother of two children, she manages Musicalité and strives to maximize the benefits of movement on children's development. She is certified in BrainGym® 101. and has completed the training course "Empower learning, reading, writing and language" by Tamara Chubarosky.  Executive Board member at CPE Terrier Magique (2019-2021).


Christina earned a B.Mus in jazz guitar studies from Concordia University after completing her DEC, and is constantly perfecting her art. She has founded a jazz and soul duo called Bel & Quinn. With more than eight years of experience in teaching young children, she shares her passion with patience and energy. Hers is the sweet voice of Musicalité's songs and she performs Toutoui voice.


Erin is a professional saxophonist/clarinetist. After completing her studies at McGill University in the Orchestral and Jazz departments, she developed an affinity for World Music. Erin devoted herself to continuing her studies in Cuba where she focused on improvisation. Her 20 years’ experience playing in a variety of settings allows her to share her passion for a wide array of genres with her students. She completed the BrainGymfor young children. Erin loves physical activity and regularly practices yoga, trains in kickboxing, and runs distance races. Erin translates Musicalité’s song lyrics and written material into English.

Some other trainings made by the Musicalité team :

Introduction to actif learning/ HIGH SCOPE. By Mary Asgari

 Development 0 to 5 and the primitif réflexes. By Danielle Larocque

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