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Discover our kids songs


Really Short (Musicalité)

 Composition and arrangements: John Henao
Performer: Juliana Bautista

A hippopotamus and a mouse become friends. Their size is so different and thus they try to find a way to communicate. Tolerance, respect for others, and the beauty of diversity are celebrated here. The movements are synchronized with the music. For example, the children crouch down to became small or reclaim their presence by lifting up their arms.



Mr Carpenter (Musicalité)

Composition and arrangements: John Henao
Performer: Juliana Bautista

 Mr. Carpenterworks with wood using arm movements. He saws the wood (by alternating his arms), hammers the nails (strikes one wrist against the other) and also dances with his arms in the air. All of these movements are done in rhythmic synchronization with the music, and can be done individually or in pairs. (Vr Française)


BE BI BE BO (Musicalité)

Composition and arrangements: John Henao
Performers: Juliana Bautista & John Henao

This music, composed using African rhythms, invites us all to greet one other with different parts of our body. We say hello with our hands, our knees, our feet and our bum. This results in a rush of movement and joy!




Licence Creative Commons
Really Short, Mr Carpenter & Be Bi Be Bo songs by Musicalité are licensed under this license.

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